Our Favorite Posts Of Last Week (Apr 21, 2019)

Ready, Set, Go! Googlebot Race

The Googlebot Race is an unusual tournament watched daily with engagement by over 1.8 billion websites. The tournament consists of many competitions commonly referred to as “ranking factors.
Link: https://searchengineland.com/ready-set-go-googlebot-race-314894
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Intuitive explanation of Learning to Rank (and RankNet, LambdaRank and LambdaMART)

RankNet, LambdaRank and LambdaMART are all what we call Learning to Rank algorithms. Learning to Rank (LTR) is a class of techniques that apply supervised machine learning (ML) to solve ranking problems. The main difference between LTR and traditional supervised ML is this:
Link: https://medium.com/@nikhilbd/intuitive-explanation-of-learning-to-rank-and-ranknet-lambdarank-and-lambdamart-fe1e17fac418
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Building and scaling global SEO Centers of Excellence

Wider spread internet adoption and mobile use worldwide are opening up lucrative new markets in Latin America, China and the rest of Asia-Pacific and more.
Link: https://searchengineland.com/building-and-scaling-global-seo-centers-of-excellence-315475
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Full guide to developing REST API’s with AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda

The new “Function” platforms are to microservices what microservices are to the monolithic application architectures. They offer an even more fine-grained approach to modularizing applications. With automated scaling, it is promised our deployment headaches are a thing of the past.
Link: https://blog.sourcerer.io/full-guide-to-developing-rest-apis-with-aws-api-gateway-and-aws-lambda-d254729d6992
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An SEO’s guide to site architecture

Visualising the principles of basic site architecture issues for SEO, identifying problems and devising actionable methods to solve them. In 2011, I gave a presentation called “Solving Site Architecture Issues” at a conference called SES London.
Link: https://builtvisible.com/solving-site-architecture-issues/
Word Count: 2046