Our Favorite Posts Of Last Week (Jan 12, 2020)

Building a Simple Crawler on a Toy Internet

Upcoming SlideShare Loading in …5 × Building a Simple Crawler on a Toy Internet 1. JR Oakes | @jroakes | #TechSEOBoost JR Oakes Building a Simple Crawler on a Toy Internet 2.
Link: https://www.slideshare.net/jroakes/building-a-simple-crawler-on-a-toy-internet
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Intro to Python - Whiteboard Friday

Python is a programming language that can help you uncover incredible SEO insights and save you time by automating time-consuming tasks. But for those who haven't explored this side of search, it can be intimidating.
Link: https://moz.com/blog/intro-to-python
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How to Develop Actionable and Impactful SEO Audits: The SP2 Principles that Facilitate SEO Execution & Drive Growth

A few months ago, in preparation to my BrightonSEO presentation about “Why SEO Processes fail”, I asked SEOs to choose the top 3 causes for SEO processes failure through a poll that got 534 answers. The top 5 failure causes had all something to do with SEO execution challenges.
Link: https://www.aleydasolis.com/en/search-engine-optimization/how-to-winning-seo-website-audit-growth/
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15 experts reveal the trends for Technical SEO in 2020

Most things just don’t change fast enough to have an opinion every year. But technical SEO has reached a point of critical mass that makes it really exciting.
Link: https://www.kevin-indig.com/15-experts-reveal-the-trends-for-technical-seo-in-2020/
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