Our Favorite Posts Of Last Week (May 13, 2018)

The 10 SEO ranking factors we know to be true26 min read

SEO has become extremely complicated and technical over the years. I’ve heard that organic search went from roughly 200 rankings factors to over 500, possibly more. But that’s speculation – only a few ranking signals were ever officially confirmed by Google.
Link: https://www.kevin-indig.com/the-10-seo-ranking-factors-we-know-to-be-true/
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Text Classification with TensorFlow Estimators

Note: This post was written together with the awesome Julian Eisenschlos and was originally published on the TensorFlow blog. Hello there! Throughout this post we will show you how to classify text using Estimators in TensorFlow. Here’s the outline of what we’ll cover:
Link: https://opendatascience.com/text-classification-with-tensorflow-estimators/
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Best Practices for Scaling Data Science Across the Organization

Effective data science in the enterprise is about aligning the right model, data, and infrastructure with the right outcomes. But most organizations today struggle to unlock the potential of data science to enhance decision-making and drive business value.
Link: https://www.kdnuggets.com/2018/05/anaconda-best-practices-scaling-data-science-across-organization.html
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Using Trusted Web Activity

There are many different ways to integrate web content on Android, each having their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Developers have frequently asked for a simple way to launch content fullscreen like a WebView, which is run using the latest and preferred browser of the user.
Link: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2017/10/using-twa
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nteract on jupyter

Our goal when we started the nteract project was to create an intuitive and approachable desktop app for Jupyter notebooks. In service to that goal, we developed a native app that had drag-and-droppable cells, inline toolbars, and a growing list of custom output types.
Link: https://blog.nteract.io/nteract-on-jupyter-53cc2c38290d
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Associate Program Manager, SEO

§753. Factors to be considered concerning a previous criminal conviction; presumption. 2.
Link: https://rei.jobs/careers/JobDetail/Associate-Program-Manager-SEO/10552
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The GDPR: 29 Things ALL Marketers Must K...

First: None of this is legal advice. I’m 24 years out of law school, and my eyes cross when I read any form of legislation. For the legalities, visit the GDPR site and/or hire a lawyer.
Link: https://www.portent.com/blog/internet-marketing/gdpr-29-things-marketers-must-know.htm
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Linear Algebra for Deep Learning

The Math behind every deep learning program. Deep Learning is a subdomain of machine learning, concerned with the algorithm which imitates the function and structure of the brain called the artificial neural network.
Link: https://towardsdatascience.com/linear-algebra-for-deep-learning-506c19c0d6fa
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Devastating SEO fails from the front lines

Murphy’s law applies even to SEO: things will go wrong. We’ve written previously about what went wrong at our agency before we founded ContentKing and the kinds of SEO fails ContentKing catches on a daily basis.
Link: https://www.contentkingapp.com/blog/seo-fails/
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